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Hosting Plans Have Been Upgraded - August 28, 2006

Several of our hosting packages have been upgraded! All new accounts will include more disk space, bandwidth, email and more.

If you are a current customer and require your hosting account to be upgraded to the new stats, please contact us. System Administration will determine if a move to a different InMotion Hosting server is necessary. If it is, you may have to move the site yourself. Please email to request an upgrade or if you have questions.

Mail Quotas Causing Mail Issues - 09/19/05

Recent upgrades to the control panel have corrected errors that were preventing mail quotas from being properly enforced. This has led to mail accounts suddenly being over quota. They were over quota before, but the enforcement was not limiting them. If you are suddenly not receiving email but can check email just fine, this is likely the problem. Here is how to correct this:

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Go to the Mail section Cpanel Mail Iconthen to the Manage/Add/Remove Accounts link.
  3. At the bottom of the list of accounts click the link for Show Disk Space Used. This will display two new columns, one for the disk space used, and one for the quota limit for each account.
  4. If any of your accounts are showing a quota overage, make sure to increase the quota appropriately using the Change Quota button.

Be aware that any mail for which bounce messages haven't been generated will be delivered within 24 hours from that point. If you are still missing mail or have questions, contact

Spoof Email Virus Notice - 06/23/05

There has been a recent increase in spoof email viruses being distributed around the web as a result of viruses including many strains of MyTob. As a domain owner, please be aware that you may receive messages appearing to be from non-existent addresses at your domain or to be bounced messages you never actually sent. These usually include an attachment in the form of a zip file. The attachment should never be opened, and the mail message should be deleted from your system upon receipt.

Receipt of these messages is not an indication of infection on the server or your local computer.

At InMotion Hosting, we continue to work to reduce or eliminate this kind of activity, but as the mail is typically sent from infected end user computers, we encourage all customers to maintain virus protection on their systems to assist in reducing exposure and the annoyance of these messages in general.

Please also consult the information available from your antivirus provider regarding the latest threats.

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